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The earnings-related component is determined on the basis of your earned income, which you have chosen as the basis of your unemployment insurance as a self-employed person. At a maximum, your earned income may equal your earnings under the Self-Employed Persons’ Pension Act (YEL) or the Farmers’ Pension Act (MYEL), or your pay under the Employees’ Pension Act (TyEL). Your membership fee is also determined on the basis of this chosen earned income.

Earnings-related allowance comprises the basic component, the earnings-related component and the child increases.

  • The amount of the basic component equals the basic unemployment allowance, which is set each year on the basis of the national pension index. In 2016, the basic unemployment allowance is 32.40 euros.
  • The earnings-related component is 45 per cent of the difference between your daily income and the basic component. If your annual income is higher than the income limit (36,936 euros in 2017), the earnings-related component is 20 per cent of the exceeding amount.
  • You can claim a child increase for children who are under 18 years of age and in your care. In 2017, the child increases are 5.23 euros for one child, 7.68 euros for two children, and 9.90 euros for three or more children.

The full earnings-related allowance with child increases can be no more than 90 per cent of the daily pay on which the allowance is based. In any case, earnings-related allowance cannot be lower than the basic unemployment benefit including the child increases.

Earnings-related allowance is taxable income and paid for five days per week.

Examples of calculating the earnings-related allowance

Yrittäjän ansiopäivärahaesimerkit
ANNUAL INCOME20,000.00 €
daily pay 20,000 / 12 / 21.577.52 €
earnings-related allowance 32.40 + (0.45x [77.52 – 32.40]) 52.70 €
earnings-related allowance per month x 21.5 = 1,133.05 €
ANNUAL INCOME36,936.00 €
daily pay 36,936.00 € / 12 / 21.5143.16 €
earnings-related allowance 32.40 + (0.45x [143.16 – 32.40]) 82.24 €
earnings-related allowance per month x 21.5 = 1,768.16 €
ANNUAL INCOME60,000.00 €
daily pay 60,000 / 12 / 21.5232.56 €
earnings-related allowance 82.24 + (0.20 x [232.56 – 143.16]) 100.12 €
earnings-related allowance per month x 21.5 = 2,152.58 €

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