Conditions for claiming allowance

You can claim the earnings-related allowance for the self-employed if:

  • you have closed your business or no longer work for your company (if you are self-employed full-time and it has lasted for more than two weeks);
  • you have registered as an unemployed job seeker with the Employment and Economic Development Office;
  • you have been a member of an unemployment fund for at least 15 months;
  • you meet the condition regarding previous employment of 15 months during your membership of the fund; and
  • you are aged between 17 and 64.

When you close down your business or no longer work for your company

You cannot claim earnings-related allowance when you are self-employed full-time for more than two weeks. You may be entitled to claim the allowance if you can prove that you have closed down your business or you no longer work for your company, as laid down in the Act on Unemployment Security (työttömyysturvalaki 1290/2002). The TE Office will check whether you comply with the labour market policy conditions for claiming earnings-related allowance.

Condition regarding previous employment for the self-employed

If you are self-employed, you must have been self-employed for at least 15 months during your membership of an unemployment fund and your self-employment must have been of a substantial nature, in order to satisfy the condition regarding previous employment.

In the year 2018, in order for your self-employment to be considered of a substantial nature, you are required to have taken out pension insurance for annual income of at least 12,576 euros. Self-employment periods of at least four months meet the condition regarding previous employment. The condition regarding previous employment must be met during a period of 48 months preceding your period of unemployment. Periods when you claim certain other benefits, such as study grant, unemployment benefits, or sickness, partial sickness or maternity allowance, do not meet the condition regarding previous employment.

Commencing business activities while unemployed

If you commence new business activities while unemployed, you can continue to claim earnings-related allowance for four months after starting the business activities. If you earn income from the business, the amount of earnings-related allowance is adjusted. If you continue to engage in business activities and they are considered to constitute part-time self-employment after four months, earnings-related allowance can still be paid. When a person is considered to be self-employed full-time, he or she no longer has a right to claim earnings-related allowance.

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