Activity requirement

An unemployed job seeker must fulfil the activity requirement during each review period comprising 65 payment days in order to be entitled to the full earnings-related allowance for the next 65 payment days. Payment days refer to days for which full, adjusted or reduced unemployment allowance is paid.

If you do not fulfil the activity requirement, your unemployment benefit will be cut by 4.65 per cent for the next 65 payment days, that is, the next three months. The cut corresponds to one day without benefits per month.

For those who received earnings-related allowance when 2018 began, the first 65-day review period commenced on 1 January 2018. If you became unemployed after that date, your first review period will begin when you start receiving earnings-related allowance payments.

Fulfilling the activity requirement

The criteria for the activity requirement are met if, during a review period of 65 payment days:

  • you are employed for a total of one employment requirement week, that is, 18 hours or
  • you earn a total of at least 23 per cent (2018: EUR 241) of the monthly earnings set in the employment requirement for the self-employed from your business activities or
  • you participate in employment promotion measures for a total of five days or
  • in other services or activities to improve your employability organised by employment authority for five days or
  • in activities organised to support recruitment that are organised at a workplace or in connection with employment for five days, provided that unemployment benefit is paid for these days.

These different means of demonstrating your activity cannot be combined. In other words, you must fulfil the activity requirement by either working or participating in employment-promoting services, not both.

If the activity requirement is considered to have been met during the review period, your earnings-related allowance for the next 65 days will be paid in full.

The review period for the next 65 payment days begins when the previous period ends. In certain situations, such as when the employment requirement is fulfilled, or after two weeks of full-time employment, the review period is reset to the beginning and the allowance is paid in full for the next 65 payment days. After a waiting period, the review period is also reset to the beginning and the allowance is paid in full for the next 65 payment days.

Situations in which activity is not monitored

In certain situations, your activity is not monitored and the allowance is not reduced. The activity requirement does not have to be met if

  • you have applied for disability benefits and are waiting for the decision
  • you work as a family carer or private care provider
  • you receive a benefit on the basis of disability or injury
  • you are receiving unemployment allowance on the basis of full-time lay-off or a shortened work week during an uninterrupted period of less than 65 payment days.

You should notify your unemployment fund of such a situation without delay.

Activity requirement needs to be met if you are entitled to extended unemployment allowance.

A reduced unemployment allowance is not reduced again

The 4.65 per cent reduction for the next 65 payment days is always calculated from the full unemployment allowance. If your earnings-related allowance has been reduced and you have not fulfilled the activity requirement during the current review period, the amount of the allowance for the next 65 payment days is calculated from the full allowance rather than the reduced amount.

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