Conditions for claiming allowance

You can claim earnings-related allowance from an unemployment fund if:

  • you are unemployed in part or in full;
  • you seek full-time employment and have registered as an unemployed job seeker with the Employment and Economic Development Office;
  • you are a member of an unemployment fund;
  • you have met the employment condition during your period of membership; and
  • you are aged between 17 and 64 (or if you have been laid off, between 17 and 67).

Registering with the employment and economic development office

In order to claim earnings-related allowance, you must register as a job seeker with a TE Office as soon as you become unemployed. It is not possible to register retroactively.

The TE Office provides the unemployment fund with a binding opinion on whether you meet the labour market policy criteria for claiming earnings-related allowance, as laid down in legislation. Such criteria include, for example, your availability for work. The unemployment fund can pay earnings-related allowance only if the TE Office considers you eligible. For example, if you are a full-time student or a self-employed person, you are not entitled to claim earnings-related allowance. For more information about the labour market policy criteria and registration as a job seeker, contact any TE Office.

After you have registered, it is important to follow the instructions and deadlines issued by the TE Office in order to maintain your active job seeking.

For further information on registering as an unemployed job seeker, visit the employment administration website on You can register as an unemployed job seeker online.

Basic unemployment allowance and labour market subsidy

If you cannot claim earnings-related allowance because you do not meet the conditions regarding fund membership or previous employment, you can claim basic unemployment allowance or the labour market subsidy from Kela.

Kela - Unemployment

statutory PAYMENT OF earnings-related allowance

Unemployment funds pay earnings-related allowance under provisions laid down in legislation. For the laws and decrees governing earnings-related allowance, visit the government online database of legislative and other judicial information at For a list of the key laws and decrees, click this link:

Laws and decrees

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