Mobility allowance

Mobility allowance covers expenses caused by travelling to work or moving, when you are unemployed and take a job far away from where you currently live.

You can claim the mobility allowance if

  • travelling to work or training and back at the beginning of the employment or training (or when you agree on the job if you move to another town because of it) takes more than three hours per day in the case of full-time employment or more than two hours in the case of part-time employment
  • you are entitled to unemployment allowance immediately before the employment or training begins
  • the length of your employment is at least two months

Mobility allowance equals the basic unemployment allowance (EUR 32.40 in 2018) and it is paid for no more than five days a week. In the case of part-time work, mobility allowance is paid for working days completed.

The child increase for mobility allowance in 2018 for one child under the age of 18 in your care is EUR 5.23, and it is EUR 7.68 for two children and EUR 9.90 for three or more children per day.

If your workplace or the venue of your work-related training is located more than 200 km from your place of residence, or place of residence prior to moving, you can claim an increased mobility allowance. The increased component is EUR 4.74 per day in 2018.

Monthly mobility allowance for full-time work without increases is about EUR 700.

The maximum payment period of mobility allowance depends on the length of the employment:

Liikkuvuusavustuksen kesto
Length of the employmentMaximum payment period
at least 2 months1 month
at least 3 months1,5 months
at least 4 months2 months
The maximum payment period of mobility allowance is not extended even if the allowance is paid for fewer than five days per week.

Claiming the allowance

Apply for the mobility allowance from your own unemployment fund. Apply for the benefit online or print out the application from Lomakkeet (in Finnish: Liikkuvuusavustushakemus).

You must apply for the mobility allowance within three months after the employment or work-related training begins. You can apply for the allowance even if you do not have all the necessary attachments yet, such as the employment contract. You can submit the missing attachments to the fund afterwards.

If you have received unemployment allowance from Kela before the employment, also apply for mobility allowance from Kela.

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