Amount of compensation

The full amount of the job alternation compensation is 70 per cent of the earnings-related allowance you would be entitled to during a period of unemployment. Job alternation compensation does not include child increases or the increased component of the earnings-related allowance, and neither are these considered in calculating the amount of compensation.

Earned income for the minimum of 52 weeks preceding the job alternation leave is taken into consideration when calculating the earnings-related allowance on which the compensation is based.

Effect of earned income

If you work for your employer during your job alternation leave, you cannot claim the job alternation compensation. However, such time is considered part of the leave.

If you work for another employer, the amount of your compensation is calculated on the basis of the adjusted earnings-based allowance. There is no 300 euro standard entitlement for employment income in job alternation compensation, as there is in earnings-related allowance.

You are not entitled to compensation for periods of full-time employment of over two weeks.

Effect of social benefits

Social benefits affect the job alternation compensation in the same way as the earnings-related unemployment allowance. For more information, see: Effect of social benefits


As the earnings-related allowance, the job alternation compensation is taxable, pay-as-you-earn income. The unemployment fund receives its members’ tax information directly from the tax administration in the beginning of the year.

Fringe benefits

In calculating job alternation compensation, fringe benefits are counted in your pay, unless you keep receiving them during your leave. In such cases, fringe benefits will not affect the amount of your job alternation compensation, and neither will they be deducted as income during your job alternation leave.

Pay which you have earned during employment immediately before your leave, but which you receive during the leave, does not reduce the amount of your job alternation compensation. For example, holiday bonuses and profit- and performance-based pay received during your job alternation leave do not influence the amount of alternation compensation.

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