Restrictions to job alternation compensation

You will not be entitled to job alternation compensation when you:

  • receive pay from your own employer (excluding fringe benefits which under the terms of the job alternation agreement remain in effect during the leave, and training funded by the employer);
  • carry out military or non-military service (excluding reserve training);
  • are in full-time employment lasting more than two weeks for another employer;
  • are self-employed full-time; or
  • are in imprisonment in a penal establishment.

Benefits that prevent the payment of job alternation compensation include several pensions, full or partial sickness allowance, maternal, paternal or parental allowance, and rehabilitation allowance.

Situations in which job alternation leave is discontinued

Your job alternation leave is discontinued if:

  • you become entitled to maternity, paternity, parental or special care allowance for more than 18 days or
  • you are given more than 18 days of leave due to pregnancy, child birth or child care.

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