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Support for job-seekers

The TE Office helps with job-seeking

The purpose of the TE Office is to support you if you become unemployed. Among other things, the TE Office arranges various courses and services to increase your employability. You can find more information about the TE Office and the services they provide on their website.

Services promoting employment

If you take part in a service promoting employment arranged by the TE Office, you will receive a higher rate of daily allowance during the service. In addition you can receive an expense allowance during the services apart from self-directed study.

You can claim unemployment benefits during your participation in the TE Office’s services promoting employment even if you are subject to a cooling off period or personal liability contribution.

Services promoting employment include:

  • Training in job-seeking
  • Career training
  • Work trials
  • Rehabilitative work activities
  • Labour market training
  • Self-directed study
  • Self-study included as part of integration training required by the Finnish State

The higher rate of earnings-related allowance depends on your daily allowance.

Daily allowance before service/month Daily allowance for the service/month
EUR 1,045 EUR 1,117
EUR 1,261 EUR 1,380
EUR 1,476 EUR 1,644
EUR 1,692 EUR 1,907

Expense allowance can be claimed at a rate of EUR 9 per day (i.e. approx. EUR 194 per month). The higher rate of expense allowance can be claimed at a rate of EUR 18 per day (i.e. approx. EUR 387 per month). The higher rate of the expense allowance is paid when the participation in the service promoting employment requires you to travel beyond the area in which you work or when the service is provided by a municipality other than your local one and you have to pay for accommodation. The expense allowance is non-taxable income.

Good to know

  • The TE Office offers courses and services during which you can get a higher daily allowance. When you participate in one of these services, you can also receive a daily allowance despite a cooling off period or personal liability.
  • Mobility allowance helps when you incur expenses from work-related journeys and relocations. If you work part-time, you are eligible for benefit if your journey to work is 1 hour in either direction.
  • Part-time work (80% of full working time) and piecemeal/gig work can be done while in receipt of a daily allowance. Further information: Working when receiving allowance
  • You can receive the daily allowance if you travel to another EU country for the purpose of job-seeking. Further information: Job-seeking in the EU

Mobility allowance for long work-related journeys

The mobility allowance compensates for commuting and removal & relocation costs when you start a job that is located far away from your current place of residence. You can claim mobility allowance before the commencement of actual employment if you start training related to an employment relationship that will last at least two months.

This allowance will be paid if you are awarded a daily allowance just before starting the job or training and your journey to work is equivalent to a round-trip of more than three hours a day for full-time work or more than two hours a day for part-time work. In addition, the length of your employment relationship must be at least two months.

The mobility allowance is sought from your own unemployment fund.

In full-time employment, the mobility allowance is worth approximately EUR 724 per month. In part-time work, the mobility allowance is paid for working days completed at a rate of EUR 33.66 per day.

If you have children or a job located more than 200 km from your place of residence, you may also receive an additional/increased allowance.

Children Mobility allowance/month Increased mobility allowance
(200 km)/month
No children EUR 724 EUR 827
1 child EUR 837 EUR 940
2 Children EUR 891 EUR 994
3 Children EUR 939 EUR 1,042

Duration of mobility allowance payment:

  • If your job lasts for at least 2 months, the allowance will be paid for 1 month
  • If your job lasts for at least 3 months, the allowance will be paid for 1.5 months
  • If your job lasts for at least 4 months, the allowance will be paid for 2 months