Allowance calculator 2019

You can estimate the amount of your earnings-related allowance using the allowance calculator.

Earnings and benefits reducing your allowance:

More information

The calculator can be used to estimate employee's earnings-related allowance.

>> See table of allowances for the self-employed

>> See table of job alternation compensation

How to use the calculator

Monthly pay
Enter your average gross pay. In calculating your allowance, your pay for a minimum of 26 weeks (six months) is taken into account. Further information: Determination of pay

Enter the number of children under the age of 18 in your care.

Select the Increased earnings-related component if you meet the conditions on the basis of your employment history or participation in an employment promotion measure. See the conditions for claiming an increased allowance: Increased earnings-related component

Income from part-time employment
Enter your earnings during the period for which you are claiming the allowance, if you are in part-time employment, your working hours have been reduced due to a lay-off, you are in full-time employment that continues for less than two weeks, or you are in part-time self-employment. Further information: Effect of earned income

Social benefits
If you claim benefits, enter the amount of benefits that reduce your allowance. A list of benefits that reduce earnings-related allowance: Effect of social benefits

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