About us

TYJ develops unemployment security and provides services for unemployment funds

There are 21 unemployment funds in Finland that pay their members earnings-related unemployment protection during periods of unemployment. The Federation of Unemployment Funds in Finland (TYJ) is the training and cooperation body for the Finnish unemployment funds.

We promote the interests of our member funds, work to develop unemployment security, and seek to strengthen the operation and knowhow of the funds.

Our operation is steered by a board of directors representing our member funds. Our services are delivered by our own seven-person team and a number of working groups formed by fund representatives.

TYJ’s chairperson and personell

If you have any questions about your benefits, please consult your own unemployment fund.

Outi Mäki

Chairman of the Board

Aki Villman


050 356 7990

Anni Alaja

Communications Officer

050 364 6475

Karita Kontkanen

Personell Secretary

Noora Partanen


040 161 8788

Kirsi Muinonen

Unemployment Security Specialist

050 410 3379

Juho Salmi

Financial Secretary

050 410 1174

Päivi West

Unemployment Security Specialist

050 476 5932


Työttömyyskassojen Yhteisjärjestö ry
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Please do not send claim forms or pay certificates to us. Send all claims and certificates to your own unemployment fund.