If you become unemployed

  1. As soon as you become unemployed, register as a job-seeker via the TE Office’s online service.
  2. After two weeks, complete the daily allowance application in your unemployment fund’s online service.
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Calculate your allowance

Monthly salary

Become a member of an unemployment fund

If you are working, it is a good idea to join an unemployment fund. By joining a fund you can receive earnings-related allowance during unemployment.

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Moving for work?

Apply for mobility allowance for moving or commuting costs.

An hour’s commute can entitle you to mobility allowance. To get the allowance, you must be entitled to unemployment benefits before the work starts and the work must last for at least two months.

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Job alternation leave

If you have been working for at least 20 years, you might be entitled to job alternation leave.

Job alternation leave means, that you can take leave from your work for a maximum of six months and your employer will hire an unemployed person for that time. You don’t receive a salary during the leave, but job alternation compensation.

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