Mobility allowance

Mobility allowance for long work-related journeys

The mobility allowance compensates for commuting and removal & relocation costs when you start a job that is located far away from your current place of residence. You can claim mobility allowance before the commencement of actual employment if you start training related to an employment relationship that will last at least two months.

This allowance will be paid if you are awarded a daily allowance just before starting the job or training and your journey to work is equivalent to a round-trip of more than three hours a day for full-time work or more than two hours a day for part-time work. In addition, the length of your employment relationship must be at least two months.

The mobility allowance is sought from your own unemployment fund.

In full-time employment, the mobility allowance is worth approximately EUR 742 per month. In part-time work, the mobility allowance is paid for working days completed at a rate of EUR 34.50 per day.

If you have children or a job located more than 200 km from your place of residence, you may also receive an additional/increased allowance.

Children Mobility allowance/month Increased mobility allowance
(200 km)/month
No children EUR 742 EUR 847
1 child EUR 858 EUR 964
2 Children EUR 913 EUR 1,018
3 Children EUR 962 EUR 1,068

Duration of mobility allowance payment:

  • If your job lasts for at least 2 months, the allowance will be paid for 1 month
  • If your job lasts for at least 3 months, the allowance will be paid for 1.5 months
  • If your job lasts for at least 4 months, the allowance will be paid for 2 months