Increased allowance

You can claim increased earnings-related allowance if you participate in an employment promotion measure. Increased allowance is paid during measures for a maximum of 200 days.

You can estimate the effect of the increased component on your earnings-related allowance using the allowance calculator.

The increased earnings-related component is 55 per cent of the difference between the daily wage and the basic component. If monthly salary exceeds the income limit (3,078.00 euros in 2018), the basic component is 25 per cent for the part in excess.

If you claim the increased earnings-related component, your total earnings-related allowance with the child increases may not exceed the amount of your pay on which the allowance is based. In any case, earnings-related allowance cannot be lower than the basic unemployment benefit including the child increases and the increased component (4.74 euros in 2018).

See also: Employment promotion measures

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