Claiming allowance

Claims for earnings-related allowance are made retroactively, in periods of four weeks or one month. You can send your first claim to your unemployment fund for a shorter period according to your fund's instructions.

Fill in your claim form from the first day of your unemployment. The fund will take into account the five-day personal liability period and any other days for which you cannot claim the allowance.


Normally, you are requested to enclose the following attachments to your claim for earnings-related allowance:

  • a pay certificate for a minimum of 26 weeks meeting the condition regarding previous employment; the certificate must include details of your holiday pay and compensation and any other items, such as one-off payments and performance bonuses, and any unpaid periods and the reasons for them;
  • a copy of your employment certificate if you are full-time unemployed;
  • a copy of your employment contract if you have been laid off or you are in part-time employment; and
  • a copy of the notice of termination or notice of lay-off.

Depending on your personal circumstances, your claim may have to include:

  • the decision on social benefit payments if you claim pension, maternity, paternity or parental allowance, child home care allowance, or some other benefit;
  • a pay certificate, pay calculation, or other reliable proof of your income during the period for which you are claiming the allowance, if you are in part-time employment, laid off, or you have part-time self-employed income; and
  • the unemployment fund will receive tax withholding information directly from the tax authorities; however, you must enclose any tiered or revised original tax cards with your claim.

Appealable decisions

When your first claim has been processed, the unemployment fund will send you a decision on the basis of payment, payment notice, and the follow-up claim form for earnings-based allowance.

If you do not agree with the decision, you can appeal to The Social Security Appeal Board within 30 days of receiving the decision, in accordance with the instructions attached to the decision. You can appeal against the Board’s decision, to the Insurance Court.

claim form

You can print out the earnings-related claims form using this link.


For further details on how to claim, contact your unemployment fund.

Remember to claim earnings-related allowance within three months of the first day of the period you are claiming for.


You can check with your fund whether it provides online customer service.

Contact details for the unemployment funds

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