Personal liability period and temporary restrictions

Personal liability period

The personal liability period is five working days (Monday to Friday) and is set at the beginning of each maximum payment period. However, normally it can only be set once a year.

The days making up the personal liability period must accrue during eight successive calendar weeks.

Deferral of payment when receiving financial benefits

If your employer has paid you financial benefits at the end of your employment, such benefits are deferred for a specified number of days, based on the daily pay in your last job. You cannot claim an allowance during the deferral period.

You earn 100 euros per day. When your employment ends, you are paid 10,000 euros. This compensation is deferred on the basis of your daily earnings: 10 000 : 100 = 100. This means that you will not be paid the allowance for a period of 100 days (Monday to Friday) from the termination of your employment.

Waiting periods

If your actions have resulted in the termination of your employment, or if you refuse to accept employment or training, or refuse to prepare a re-employment plan, the TE Office may decide on a waiting period during which you are not entitled to unemployment benefits. In such a case, the TE Office will issue the unemployment fund with a binding opinion, which will stop the payment of earnings-related allowance during the waiting period.

Repeated refusal of work or training, or other corresponding actions on your part, may result in a temporary suspension of the payment of your earnings-related allowance. In such cases, your allowance will only be reinstated after you have been employed or in training for a specified time. For more information about the waiting periods or the reasons for setting one, contact any TE Office.


The periods during which you cannot claim the allowance due to receiving financial benefits (deferral periods) or due to leaving your employment (waiting periods) may overlap.

your personal liability period will begin only after you have served any possible waiting or deferral periods.

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