Employment promotion measures

The TE Office may request a job seeker to undertake employment promotion measures. If you participate in an employment promotion measure, you can claim earnings-related allowance during that time. The unemployment fund will pay you the same earnings-related allowance as you would be entitled to during a period of unemployment. You may also be able to claim the increased earnings-related component and an expense allowance.

Employment promotion measures include:

  • Training in job seeking
  • Career training
  • Work trials *
  • Labour market training
  • Self-motivated study **
  • Rehabilitative work

Participation in employment promotion measures is included in the maximum payment period during which you can claim earnings-related allowance. You can claim unemployment benefits during your participation in such measures, even if this forms part of a waiting or deferral period.

When you begin your employment promotion measure, include information on the measure in your claim form for each day of participation. The TE Office will submit a statement to your unemployment fund indicating, which measure applies to you and how long it will last. Your unemployment fund will pay your earnings-related benefit and any increases and expense allowances, on the basis of the TE Office’s statement.

* Recruitment trial is not an employment promotion measure, so no expense allowance or increased earnings-related component is paid.

** As an exception to the other employment promotion measures, no expense allowance is paid during self-motivated study.

Expense allowance

In addition to unemployment benefits, most employment promotion measures entitle you to an expense allowance during your participation.

The expense allowance is nine euros per day, and the increased expense allowance is 18 euros per day.

The increased expense allowance is paid when the employment promotion measure takes place outside your employment area or municipality and you have to pay for accommodation.

The expense allowance is non-taxable income.

Days of absence

Inform your unemployment fund in your claim of any days of absence from employment promotion measures. Also fill in the reason for your absence.

Sick leave, sickness of children under the age of ten (maximum of four days), job interview, absence due to holding a public position of trust or a comparable reason are acceptable reasons for absence from an employment promotion measure. In such cases, you can claim earnings-related allowance for the days of absence without expense allowance.

If you are absent more than three days due to illness, attach a doctor’s note to the form.

Days of absence will not affect your earnings-related allowance during labour market training or self-motivated study.


For more information on the measures and how to apply, contact any TE Office. You can also call the TE Office's national helpline.


If you take up training outside Finland, you can claim half of the per diem allowance for state civil servants, as expense allowance for seven days per week.

Participants in the training organised by the Arctic Region Foundation of Vocational Training (NORD) receive free accommodation and are paid an expense allowance of 16.82 per day.

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