Maximum payment period

The maximum payment period depends on the length of your employment history and on your age:

Employment historyAgeMaximum payment period
3 years or less-300 days
Over 3 years-400 days
Minimum of 5 years during the previous 20 yearsMinimum of 58 years500 days

Earnings-related allowance is paid for 5 days a week, so 400 days is equivalent to about one year and 6 months (400 days / 5 = 80 weeks).

After the maximum period

If you remain unemployed for more than 500 days, you can claim labour market subsidy from Kela. Further information: Labour Market Subsidy

Resetting the maximum period

You can reset the maximum payment period by meeting the employment condition again. Each time the employment condition of 26 calendar weeks is met, the maximum period of allowance payment starts from the beginning.

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