Claiming job alternation compensation

You must claim job alternation compensation from your unemployment fund after your period of leave has started. The attachments to the claim form must include at least a copy of the job alternation agreement and your pay certificate.

Before your job alternation leave begins, your employer must send the job alternation agreement to the TE Office along with a reliable account (such as an employment contract) of the hiring of an unemployed person for the duration of your leave. You must send the TE Office a separate record, provided by your employer, of any unpaid absence during the 13 months preceding your leave (such as a pay certificate for the 13 months, or some other record provided by your employer).

There is no personal liability period for job alternation compensation. Contrary to earnings-related allowance, you do not need to submit follow-up claims for job alternation compensation. You must, however, immediately notify the fund of changes (such as employment) affecting compensation.


You must send the required documents for the job alternation leave to the TE Office before your leave begins. This also applies to the employment contract of your substitute worker and the job alternation agreement, sent by your employer.

Remember to claim job alternation compensation within three months of the first day of period you are claiming for.

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