Join an unemployment fund

To be able to claim earnings-related unemployment allowance and job alternation compensation paid by unemployment funds, you must be a member of a fund.

To become a member of an unemployment fund, you must fill in an application form. To qualify for membership, you must be an employee or a self-employed person. For application forms and advice on becoming a member, contact the unemployment fund you want to join. If you want to join a trade union at the same time as an unemployment fund, you can also contact your union for further information.

If you change your unemployment fund within a month, you can transfer any previous periods of membership and employment to your new fund.

Under the Act on Unemployment Funds (työttömyyskassalaki 603/1984), members of the unemployment funds for employees must be under the age of 67. Persons aged over 67 can remain members of the unemployment funds for the self-employed.

fund contact details

For the contact details of all Finnish unemployment funds, see the section Contact details for the unemployment funds.

Find a suitable fund and click the name to go to the fund’s website.

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